Externally Nationally Funded Projects

Externally Nationally Funded Projects

  1. Aptamer probes for detection of celiac disease epitopes of gluten in commercial varieties of Indian wheat, rye and barley

PI/Co partner: IIWBR & DBT IIT, Guwahati Objectives: Development of aptamers probes for screening antigenic epitopes of CD in wheat, rye and barley.Identification of wheat, rye and barley  genotypes with less number of CD epitopes using specific aptamers developed in this investigation. Period: July 2014- June 2017 Total Fund (Rs): 6,31,200

  1. Improvement of wheat for biscuit making quality using molecular approach

PI/Co partner: IIWBR & DBT IIT, Guwahati Objectives: To enhance biscuit making quality of high yielding varieties of wheat in North Western Plains by molecular marker assisted back cross breeding. To test the superior genotypes with better biscuit making quality through multilocational testing. Period: April 2015-March 2018 Total Fund (Rs): 40,17,600

  1. Maximizing the potential for sustainable and durable resistance to the wheat yellow rust pathogen under sustainable crop production for international development (SCPRID)

PI/Co partner: IIWBR, DBT & BBSRC IIWBR Reg. Station Flowerdale, PAU, Ludhiana John Innes Centre,  UK Objectives: Complete DNA sequence of multiple strains of the yellow rust pathogen.Characterize and introduce new sources of yellow rust resistance into modern wheat varieties which are adapted to the different environments. Period: April 2013- March 2017 Total Fund (Rs): Rs 46.75 lac

  1. On sustainable crop production research for international development ( SCPRID)Exploitation of Inter-specific Biodiversity for Wheat Improvement

PI/Co partner: ICAR-IIWBR University of Nottingham, UK & Agharkar Research Institute, Pune  Under BBSRC, BMGF, DFID, ICAR, DBT joint initiative Objectives: Facilitating germplasm exchange and its evaluation for diversifying gene pool in India.Identifying genotypes and traits linked to heat and drought tolerance in amphidiploids and synthetics.Determining genotypic response to yellow and brown rusts and spot blotch.Screening and identifying genotypes for problematic soils. Human resource development. Period: upto March 2017 Total Fund (Rs): Rs. 1.46 crore.

  1. Indo-UK Centre for the improvement of Nitrogen use Efficiency in Wheat (INEW)

 PI/Co partner: IIWBR & DBT SAUs: PAU, Ludhiana ICAR institutes: IARI-Delhi, NRCPB-Delhi, NBPGR-Delhi Non ICAR: BISA-Ludhiana Objectives: Identification of genetic variation in NUE among Indian & UK germplasm Understanding the biological mechanism underpinning NUE Period: 2016-17 to 2018-19 Total Fund (Rs): US$90.592 Lakhs

  1. Mining alleles for heat tolerance of wheat in Australian and Indian environments

 PI/Co partner: ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal PAU, Ludhiana Australian Center for Plant Functional Genomics, University of Adelaide, Australia  Objectives: Identify sequence variants (also called haplotypes) in genes involved in starch synthesis in the wheat grain. Identify a relationship between haplotypes for starch synthesis related genes and heat tolerance of wheat. Total Fund (Rs): Rs. 60,88,000/-

  1. Combining field phenotyping and next  generation genetics to uncover markers, genes and biology underlying drought tolerance in wheat

 PI/Co partner: IIWBR & DBT IIWBR NIASM, (Baramati) SKNAU Durgapura, Jaipur,  SDAU, Vijapur (Gujarat)CERW, University of Liverpool, N Hall, Rothamsted Research Institute, Lancaster Univ  Objectives: Genotyping diversity plan to explore stress tolerance in wheat (India and Liverpool) Associating phenotypes with our panel of germplasm (Rothamsted, Lancaster,Iindia) Identifying markers and underlying genes responsible for enhanced drought tolerance. Period: 3 years Total Fund (Rs): Rs.144.00 Lakhs  

Contractual/Consultancy Projects with private companies


  1. Efficacy of new herbicides against weeds in wheat

PI/Co partner: FMC India Ltd  Objectives:evaluating the bio-efficacy of various herbicides against grassy and broad-leaved weeds in wheat and to identify suitable herbicides effective against weeds and having no adverse effect on the productivity of wheat Period: 1 years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 11.0 Lakhs

  1. Efficacy of Halauxifen- methyl ester + Florasulam 40.85 % WG for broad-leaf weed control in wheat

PI/Co partner: DOW India Ltd  Objectives: To evaluate the bio-efficacy of ready mix combination of Halauxifen methyl Ester + Florasulam 40.85 WG against diverse broad leaf weed flora in wheat Period: 1 years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 5.0 Lakhs

  1. Monitoring of sulfosulfuron resistance in minor in wheat

PI/Co partner: Sumitomo Chemical India Pvt. Ltd  Objectives: To determine the extent of sulfosulfuron resistance in P. minor in wheat growing areas of Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand in northern India Period: 2 years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 15.0 Lakhs

  1. Management of herbicide resistant Phalaris minor and Rumex dentatus in wheat

PI/Co partner: Syngenta India Ltd Objectives: Resistance profile studies in different Phalaris minor and Rumex dentatus biotypes.Alternate herbicides and herbicide mixtures for resistance management To work out the effective and economical integrated weed control schedule involving competitive wheat cultivars, crop density, residue mulching, tillage, soil moisture manipulations, and mechanical inter-culture. Period: 2 years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 12.0 Lakhs

  1. Influence of TURBO ZS (A combination fertilizer of Elemental Sulphur 70% + Zinc 15%) on nutrient uptake, growth, yield and quality parameters of wheat crop (Project No: IIWBR/CRP/RM-42, erp-FMS project

 PI/Co partner: Sulphur Mills Limited, 604/605, 349-Bussiness Point Western Express, Highway, Andheri (East) Mumbai-400 069  Objectives: To evaluate the performance of TURBO ZS (A combination fertilizer of Elemental Sulphur 70% + Zinc 15%) on nutrient uptake, growth, yield and quality parameters of wheat crop. Period: Two years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 3,20,000

  1. Comparative evaluation of Zn HEDP 17% with Zn EDTA 12%th Fe EDTA 12% on growth, yield and quality parameters of wheat crop

PI/Co partner: Kamala Sundaresan Endowment Charitable Trust,  Objectives: Comparative evaluation of Zn HEDP 17% with ZnEDTA 12 % and FeDTA 12 % on growth, yield and quality parameters of wheat crop. Period: Two years Total Fund (Rs): Rs 3,60,000/

  1. Effect of Mycorrhizae as seed treatment for growth and yield of wheat crop

PI/Co partner: Sumitomo Chemical India Private Limited  Objectives: Evaluating the performance of Mycorrhizae on growth, yield and quality parameters of wheat crop Total Fund (Rs): Rs. 1,80,000

  1. DUS project in barley

PI/Co partner: IIWBR and RARI, Durgapura Objectives: Characterization and DUS testing in barley Total Fund (Rs): 11.50 lakhs yearly basis

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