Varieties of Barley

Various varieties are available as per the zones

  • Northern Hills Zone
    • Northern Hills Zone
    • Timely Sown, Rainfed Dual purpose
    • Timely Sown, Rainfed Food Purpose/Hulless
  • North Western Plains Zone
    • Timely Sown, Rainfed
    • Timely Sown, Irrigated Feed purpose
    • Late Sown, Irrigated Malt purpose
    • Timely Sown, Rainfed/Restricted irrigated
  • North Eastern Plains Zone
    • Timely Sown,Irrigated
    • Timely Sown, rainfed/Restrieted Irrigated
  • Central Zone
    • Timely Sown,Irrigated
    • Timely Sown,Irrigated Dual Purpose

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