BGMI Lite App Release Date? Pre-Registration, APK Download Link

BGMI Lite App Release Date – Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Version APP Release Date. BGMI Lite Pre-Registration Date on Play Store and BGMI Lite Apk Download Link.

Are you looking for BGMI Lite APK? Well, we have some news for you regarding the BGMI Lite Release Date. As you know BGMI main version is very popular in India and Indian gamers are enjoying planning it. But many gamers across the country are raised their voice for the BGMI Lite version.

The biggest reason for the demand for BGMI Lite is the bad gaming experience in low-end smartphones. As we all know Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is working smoothly in high-end smartphones but in the low-end smartphones, we will face serval issues such as bad gaming experience, lag, and high ping issues, etc.

Mobile gamers have demanded the BGMI Lite to the Krafton Gaming. BGMI Lite will be a lite version of the main game with lower graphics which will run smoothly in every budget smartphone. The gamers use the Twitter hashtag to raise their voice and they trend the “#wewantbgmilite” on Twitter.

Now the users are waiting for the official confirmation from Krafton Graming regarding the BGMI Lite Release Date which is not confirmed yet.

BGMI Lite Release Date? Important News about BGMI Lite

BGMI LITE Release DateWell, the Krafton Gaming officials did not give a single hint about BGMI Lite. It is not confirmed yet whether the BGMI lite version will be released or not. But as per some biggest news sources, Krafton Gaming is working on it.

After seeing the huge interest of gamers in BGMI Lite the Krafton Gaming was posted a poll recently on its official discord channel. The official Poll was posted on 16 November to ask users why they want the BGMI LITE Version.

The officials ask a simple question that “Why do you need(want) BGMI LITE version?” with the four options-

  1. I can’t play BGMI on my low-end device
  2. I can play BGMI, but I’ll have better frame rates and performance in the LITE version on my device.
  3. I spent money in LITE version and want to transfer my data/inventory.
  4. I like the maps and skins in LITE version.

The users have to choose one option. As we can see that the gamer’s voice force the Gaming Company to think about it. Now it can be expected that Krafton Gaming will work on it and provide a solution for the same.

Right now the officials haven’t published any news about the BGMI Lite. At this time there is no confirmed information regarding BGMI LITE Release Date.

Dear gamers please note that you find BGMI Lite Apk Download links online on many sites which is not more than spam. You are advised to avoid that type of link because right now there is no official application available at that time. You will find it on the Google Play store when the officials will confirm it.

BGMI LITE Pre Registration

BGMI Lite launch date is not confirmed yet but the official will release it by testing it in various phases. First, the department will release the alpha version of BGMI Lite which will be given only to the company staff for testing it and checking the bugs. After fixing everything the official will launch the beta version of BGMI Lite.

BGMI Lite Pre-registration will be done through Play Store. The gamers have to pre-register for BGMI to get the beta version and early access. After Pre-registration the official will provide the beta testing version to the selected users. After a few months of test and fixing every problem, the officials will release the early access.

Only registered users will be able to get the benefit of early access and they will also get some free coins and crates also. For pre-registration, you have to open the google play store and then click on pre-registration when it will be available for registration.

Tips to Download BGMI Lite from Play Store

BGMI LITE is the same as the main BGMI game while the graphics of the lite version are low as compared to the main game and that would be a great thing because lower graphics will give you a smooth gameplay experience. You can download BGMI Lite from Google Play Store when it will be launched by the officials.

  • You can follow the following steps to download BGMI LITE-
  • First, open the Google Play Store.
  • Now search for the BGMI LITE version (will display only when it will be released).
  • Now click on download and after downloading it you can enjoy your game.
  • In case you have registered for BGMI Lite then it will be automatically downloaded to your mobile.

Note- Please don’t download BGMI LITE from any unauthorized website because it can harm your device or can be harmful to your privacy.

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