Bigg Boss 15 Written Update 13 October Full Episode

Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update – Morning Time:

Bigg Boss 15 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update:

Bigg Boss 15 has started recently. Even 15 days have not happened for the show, but Tu Tu Main Main is being seen in the show. Today’s day has been very mixed for the show. This is the reason why there is a ruckus among the contestants.

On the previous day, it was seen in the show how Jai and Prateek get into a fight during a test, after which once again Jai abuses the mother, due to which the family members also appear very angry.

Karan seems quite annoyed by this attitude of Jai, he says wrong for abusing Jai. He is seen talking to the rest of the family and in which everyone points out Jai’s mistake, to which Karan says that there is a ditch inside Jai.

Bigg Boss 15 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 15 13th October 2021 Episode – New Task:

Bigg boss 15 13th October written update: Once again the forest dwellers stole the belongings of the main family members. Umar is seen stealing household items, to which Karan tells Shamita that if we take things in jest, both of them have fun and he says that he will take away their fridge too. At the same time, in the map plan, Maisa says such a thing to the family members about the symbol, due to which they get into a lot of debate with Ishaan.

Jai and Karan Fight: In the matter, Jai and Karan talk among themselves, on which Jai says that he did not abuse the mother, the symbol had climbed on me, to which Karan said that he had climbed on you? Jai says he climbed up to me but he doesn’t climb on you

Bigg Boss 15 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update

In the task, the forest dwellers are divided into three teams, which they will be able to go inside the house, but in which Shamita comes to Vishal’s words and promises to support him. Because of this, there is a lot of fighting between the people of the jungles. At the same time, Shamita reverses the game and wins the Tiger team i.e. Vishal’s team. Karan’s team gets very angry with Shamita’s decision. Karan gets angry on Shamita on this.

Team Tigers – Jay, Vishal, Tejasswi and Akasa.
Team deers – Ishaan, Donal, Simba, Afsana
Team plants – Vidhi, Karan, Umar and Miesha.


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