Juwai Teer Result Today Game 23.10.2021

Today’s Juwai Teer Result (25.10.2021) | Juwai Morning Teer Result 25rd October | Juwai Night Teer Result: Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation Meghalaya Lotteries Department has released Juwai Teer Result today (25-10-2021). Along with this, you can also check the Shillong Teer Result on this page. Contenders who have bought Juwai Teer lottery tickets can use this article to check Juwai Teer results. If the number of tickets you have purchased matches with the JUWAI TEER result, we congratulate you.

This game is played twice a day, and there are two rounds of this game. Juwai TER result is declared every day at 1.45 pm and 2.45 pm.

Juwai Teer Result

Meghalaya Teer Result 25rd October

Juwai Teer lottery game is a very popular game in Meghalaya state. The result of this lottery game is determined on the basis of the number of arrows. This popular game of the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association consists of a total of 2 rounds. The Juwai Teer lottery game has a total of 50 archers who shoot a maximum of 30 arrows in the first round and 20 arrows in the second round. During the game, the archer is given 2 minutes to complete one round of shooting.

Those who have bought tickets for the Juwai Teer game can check the lucky numbers for the 1st and 2nd rounds on this page. Every day, some lucky contestant wins this prize money.

Today Juwai Teer Result 25.10.2021
Teer Lottery Name Meghalaya State Lottery
Draw Name Juwai Teer.
First Prize Up to Rs. 1,00,000
Result date 25 October 2021
Result Timing
  • Moring Juwai Teer Result – 1.45 pm and 2.45 pm
  • Night Juwai Teer Result – 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM
Result Status Published

Juwai Teer Result Today:

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Date F/R (2:00) S/R (3:00)
25 October 2021 27 43
Juwai Teer Result
Date 1.45 PM 2.45 PM
25 October 2021 84 39

Juwai Morning Teer Result
Date F/R [10:30 AM] S/R  [11:30 AM]
25 October 2021 * *

Juwai Teer Result Check Live Updates: Juwai TER is a Meghalaya state government approved lottery game, organized by Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation. A total of 12 archery clubs are involved in this sport. Juwai Teer is a legal sport under the Meghalaya Entertainment and Betting Tax Act.

Juwai Teer Previous Result:

In this article, you can check the Juwai Teer Previous days Result.

Date FR SR
06/10/2021 83 53
05/10/2021 17 44
04/10/2021 37 99
03/10/2021 OFF OFF
02/10/2021 61 82
01/10/2021 93 74
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How to Participate in Juwai Teer Lottery Game:

If you want to play the Juwai TEER lottery game then you have to buy its ticket which cost from Re 1 to Rs 100. In the Juwai TEER lottery game, the winners are decided on the basis of the number of arrows. The participant who correctly guesses the number of arrows fired in the first and second rounds will be the winner of the game.

Today Juwai Teer Result Timings:

Juwai Teer game is played 6 days a week. That is, from Monday to Saturday, the game of Juwai Teer is played. Juwai Teer game is not played on Sunday. Juwai Teer lottery game results are declared on weekdays at 1:45 PM and 2:45 PM.

The archery session is played at the Polo Ground in Juwai. There are more than 5,000 Juwai Teer ticket booking counters in 11 districts of Meghalaya. Ticket sales start every day (Monday to Saturday) at 10 am.

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