The Big Picture Registration: Question No 10 with Answer

Ranveer Singh quiz show The Big Picture Registration: Question No 10 with Answer: After Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, Ranveer Singh is also going to debut on the small screen. Ranveer Singh will also be seen on TV through a new quiz show. Ranveer Singh is going to host a new quiz show ‘The Big Picture’ on Colors channel. In this quiz show, Ranveer Singh will ask the contestants twisted questions through pictures and will change the fate of the people. Ever since the announcement of the show, people are eagerly waiting for this show. People eagerly wanted to know how to be a part of the show.


The Big Picture Registration (10 Days and 10 Questions)

Now the registration process for The Big Picture Show has started. The registration of the show has started from July 17 at 9:30 pm. Now one question will be asked daily for the next 10 days and you will have to answer all the questions sitting at home. Those who wish to be a part of the show can reply through Voot app, and MyJio app. The registration process is similar to Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati).

Big Picture Quiz Show Registration Information: 

Show The Big Picture
Channel Colors TV
Registration Starts 17th July 2021
Registration Ends 26th July 2021
Total Questions 10
Show Timing Saturday To Sunday 8:00 p.m.

How to Register For The Big Picture Show?

One question will be asked every night at 9:30 for the next 10 days from 17th to 26th July. You will get 24 hours to answer this question. In the registration process, some of the correct answers will be randomly selected for the next round. Selected people will have an online test to enter the next round. All the participants reaching the next round will be informed through SMS or email before 8th August. If you also want to be a part of Color Channel’s The Big Picture show, then you can also become a part of the show by answering all these questions.

The Big Picture Registration: Question No 10 With Answer (26 July)

Question 1: Which of these companies is led by the person seen in the picture?

  • A. Bharat Biotech
  • B. Serum Institute of India
  • C. Biocon
  • D. Cipla

Question 2: Which mythological figure is seen with a bow in this picture?

  • A. Arjuna
  • B. Laxman
  • C. Bhima
  • D. Duryodhana

Question 3: With which of these movements was the environmentalist, seen in this picture associated? 

  • A. Bhoodan Movement
  • B. Chipko Andolan
  • C. Narmada Bachao Andolan
  • D. Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Question 4: What does the signal in this picture indicate?

  • A. Innings declaration
  • B. Substitute player
  • C. Requesting Third-umpire review
  • D. Drinks break

Question 5: In Which city The Festival displayed in the picture is celebrated being in?

  • A. Somnath
  • B. Puri
  • C. Madurai
  • D. Kolkata

Question 6: The lady in the picture is the Chief Scientist in a world organisation fighting to the Covid19. Identify the personality. 

  • A. Megha Rajagopalan
  • B. Tessy Thomas
  • C. Soumya Swaminathan
  • D. Indira Hinduja

Question 7: The footballer died due to cardiac arrest in a football match against Finland. What country does the player represent?

  • A. Denmark
  • B. Sweden
  • C. France
  • D. Ireland

Question 8:  The monument displayed on the reverse side of Rs 100 is situated in which state of India?

  • A. Maharashtra
  • B. Gujarat
  • C. Odisha
  • D. Madhya Pradesh

Question 9: Image of Bronze Statue is which of Fictional Character?

  • A. Gandolf
  • B. Mowgli
  • C. Tin Man
  • D. Harry Potter

Question 10: The ritual this picture is a scene in which popular Hindi film?

Picture Show Question Answer

  • A. Pyar Ka Punchnama
  • B. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  • C. A Wednesday
  • D. Masaan

Answer : B. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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  1. My today 25th date 9th answer is d herry potter

  2. Q.10(b) Zindagi na milagi dobara

  3. Zindagi na milegi dobara

  4. I’m also selected

    • Have u checked tge website??

    • I mean how to login there??? Please help me out

    • How do you get selected did you get a call or something?

    • Have you got any link for next round. I also got call for selection but not received any mail

    • Did u get any email regarding selection ?

  5. Zindgi na milegi dobara

  6. Option B) zindagi na milegi dobara

  7. Zindgi na milegi dubara

  8. Zindagi Na milegi dobara

  9. Question:1 Answer: Serum institute of India

  10. I entered wrong email id by mistake, I want to correct my email address,, I’m selected for first round.. How could I do??
    Otherwise how could I get a link?? Please help

  11. Selected and got a call and when we were ready for online test we entered the OTP when we clicked begin the test the screen was not moving further at all.

    The link sent over mail was also not working then when we typed link as per sms received it worked

    but as usual unfortunately no proper coordination at all and we have no clue when the test will start and end and it kept on loading loading despite our internet speed is intact

  12. Hi team I am stishti I was selected for online test but when I was clicking on begin test it didn’t work pls help and reply my contact no is 73****3525


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